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A Passion for Inspiring Others to Realize Their Potential

Hello all! I am Jessica Beal-Stahl, a pharmacist, coach, scientist, and lifetime competitive athlete. With over 15 years of pharmacy experience and athletic experience, ranging from being a multi-sport high school athlete to a world record holder at 41 in Olympic Weightlifting, my passion lies in seeing athletes unlock their unseen potential through my knowledge of the human body, supplements/medications, high-level athletics, and sports psychology. ​


My background is as an athlete and healthcare care provider. I was a 3-sport letterman in high school, club volleyball player, 4 yr D1 volleyball player, CrossFit athlete, and current national and international Olympic weightlifter.  I understand the grueling workout schedules, balancing school with competition and training, and trying to find rest and recovery in both mind and body. I hope that some of the skills I provide will help you face the hardest test, the internal struggles with yourself.

As a pharmacist for almost 15 years, most of my career has been dispensing medications for chronic conditions and educating thousands of patients about their health, disease states, medication, and supplements. However, as the community pharmacist's role evolved from just dispensing, I dove into integrative and functional medicine foundations to be a better health professional and coach for my patients. I realized the core of most patients' conditions as they often missed the foundations and tools for understanding nutrition, daily movement, quality sleep, self-care, and the impacts of chronic stress.

Over the years, athletes, coaches, and parents have come to underappreciate and thus neglect the role and impact of mental skills, motivation, nutrition, and sleep in sports performance and a more fulfilled life.

I believe I can use my knowledge to help athletes, coaches, and parents achieve optimal performance and health, which comes from within your own potential, by giving you the proper foundations and tools as an athlete in a way that will impact the rest of your life.

Through my extensive experience, I have accumulated many different tools and solutions for various situations. This allows me to provide support and guidance for various athletes' demographics and body composition, as everyone deserves to reach their potential.  I love seeing athletes find the fun and joy in movement and learning as they experience their body's potential. Beyond this, my goal is for your athletic journey to be as satisfying, healthy, and sustainable as possible. Not to shrink to be thinner but to become stronger both physically and mentally. Not to shrink to be less or do less, but to grow and become confident and powerful. Knowing you are capable of anything. 


  • Doctorate of Pharmacy- Mercer University Atlanta, GA (2009)

  • Integrative Medicine Specialist I & II Certificate

  • Nutrigenomic certificate

  • Florida Test and Treat Acute Conditions Pharmacist Certificate

  • B.S. Chemistry/Biochemistry - University North Carolina at Asheville, NC (2002)

Athletic History

  • Olympic Weightlifting Coaching Certificate Level 1

  • Sport Nutrition Certification

  • Pan Am Gold Medal - 2020 Gold, 2014 Gold

  • USA National Champion - 2020 Gold, 2013 Gold

  • World Record Holder - Snatch 2020

  • D1 Scholarship Athlete - Volleyball at University North Carolina at Asheville, NC

  • 3 Year Varsity Letterman Merritt Island High School- Volleyball, Soccer, and Softball

Enough about me... I want to hear from you! 

Whether you're an organization looking to take an active role in helping your athletes reach their athletic and wellness goals, or a passionate athlete taking the initiative to reach the next level of competition, I have direct experience with every level of athletics, from which I can help you step-by-step on how to achieve whatever goal you're aspiring for, in the healthiest way possible, while side-stepping the roadblocks I have personally experienced and overcome.

Schedule a time for a free consultation, or if you have questions, contact me using the form below!
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