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Injuries? They could be genetic!

Injured again? Missing a single game, not to mention multiple or even a season due to injuries, can be very mentally challenging.

Up to 1/3 of athletes who have suffered a major injury deal with major depression afterward.

Your injury risks could be linked to your genetics!

Some athletes inherit one or two risk variants, mutations in the DNA, that affect soft tissue structure and function, contributing to a possible increased risk of injury.

The genes COL1A1, and COL5A, are commonly associated with musculoskeletal injuries, particularly tendons and ligaments.

Having this knowledge can make you a stronger athlete! What would you do if you knew you had an increased risk of soft tissue issues?

A few tools and interventions can be added to the diet, supplementation regime, training, and preventative rehab/therapy, which could help mitigate the increased risk and make you a stronger athlete overall.

Thankfully these genetic tests are a simple cheek swab and a few weeks of patience for the results. Then comes the best part, working together to understand and apply the information to create a custom-tailored game plan to help you meet your dreams.

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